About Us

House building, architecture, electronics and the Internet have all changed dramatically over the previous few years. Technology is more powerful and omnipresent than ever.
Making the best of it all can have an enormous effect on your comfort, your health, your pocket, your business, your leisure time and, overall, in your life and the life’s of the people you care for.
Based on our own experiences and detailed research from both a technological and an end-user perspective, the Smart Home section of ClouDIYspace is where we explore the best options in the world of smart devices, domotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics.
There are so many offers and so different options that it’s easy to get lost and/or end-up spending a lot for something you didn’t really need. We want everyone to be able to easily decide what is superfluous and focus on what really matters, getting things done quickly and with great end results.
Come share our experience and start sharing your experiences with us. Each project article will help you get go through all analysis, decision and setup steps while getting your hands on the right components for a complete project experience.
Other articles will offer reviews on particular devices and comparisons will leverage a set of similar devices next to each other and help you find the best options for your reality.
With the aid of simple, well thought solutions, we know you can start living the day of tomorrow and lead a better life.