Review: Aeotec Z-Wave 4in1 Multi-sensor

31bhFAlCunL._SX425_Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-sensor is a sleek multi-function sensor to be used in Z-Wave networks, meaning you’ll have to setup your Z-Wave network. Also meaning you’ll be able to use it as an intrusion and presence detector and hook it up, not only to a remote app for notifications, but also to local actuators like sirens, lights, door locks, etc. It’s cheap when compared to other sensors, even Z-Wave ones, and can work indoors or outdoors. It’s wall mountable and, even without air-quality sensors, offers a nice array of data (temperature, humidity, light) although without the higher precision of the other “smarter” devices like NetAtmo but inline with Z-Wave ones. It’s the perfect unit to integrate with others, helping you set your heating, your shutters, blinds and dim up or down your exterior and interior lighting.

For a simple setup simply add one unit outdoors and one unit in your living room. With this and the proper Z-Wave actuators for lights, blind, shutters and heating (see our starter project on Z-Wave automation: coming soon) you’ll be able to:

  • open your shutters and blinds when it’s sunny outside in the winter and save big in the heating bill;
  • lower your shutters or blinds in the summer when it’s getting hot inside and/or there is too much light in the room;
  • turn on the heating when it’s getting colder inside;
  • turn it off and save when the temperature is just fine;
  • get alerted when motion is detected outdoors and even indoors while you’re away;
  • when you’re home, turn on indoor and outdoor lights when presence is detected and it’s dark;
  • dim the indoor lights according to the light measured inside, great for patchy cloud days when sun comes and goes;
  • turn on the dehumidifier when humidity inside gets too high and vice-versa;
  • understand how outside temperature, humidity and sun shine can influence your indoor temperature and humidity;
  • measure the results from your options like opening blinds and shutters and optimize your automation solution to achieve even better results.

See our article on how this unit compares to others in weather monitoring.

Check for the best option to get this sensor below.

 Aeotec Z-Wave Multisensor
Includes Video Camera516983[1]
Outdoor Supportbigtick[1] IP43
Temperature sensorbigtick[1]
Humidity sensorbigtick[1] 20-90% +/-5%
Motion sensorbigtick[1] 120º 16-33 ft 5-10m
Light sensorbigtick[1] 0-1000 lux
Sound sensor516983[1]
Accelerometer sensorbigtick[1]
Android Appbigtick[1] In Z-Wave controller
iOS Appbigtick[1] In Z-Wave controller
Windows Appbigtick[1] In Z-Wave controller
Web Appbigtick[1] In Z-Wave controller
Power SourceUSB or Battery
Power Consumption
Wall mountablebigtick[1]
Evaluationbookmark[1]bookmark[1]bookmark[1]bookmark[1] 4 / 5
Normal Price$39.95
Priceget $39.95
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