Review: NetAtmo, your personal indoor and outdoor weather station

netatmo_urban_weather_stationNetAtmo is one of the best known brand names in smart phone weather stations. With a pair of sensors, one for outdoor readings and another for indoor readings, NetAtmo combines the power of a simple personal weather station with the power of an indoor environment monitor with simple air quality tracking (through CO2). The design is very sleek and the app keeps your data in the cloud forever for free.

The outdoor module is battery powered and sends temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data every 5 minutes to the main indoor unit. The indoor unit aggregates the outdoors information with indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 and sound data and uploads it every 5 minutes to the cloud. You can access your information anytime from any kind of device thanks to web access and Android, iPhone and Windows Apps.

NetAtmo has precise sensors to offer rigorous tracking of outdoor and indoor weather. NetAtmo even lets you know when you need to air-out your home. Adding to the collected data, NetAtmo also integrates forecast information so you can easily plan ahead.

Additional indoor modules can also be attached for more detailed tracking throughout your entire home (up to 3 extra modules). An outdoor rain gauge is also available so you can also control rain fall quantities. This can be interesting as input if you have automatic irrigation.

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Includes Video Camera516983[1]
Outdoor Supportbigtick[1] Indoor and outdoor modules
Temperature sensorbigtick[1] Indoor and outdoor +- 0.3°C / +- 0.54°F
Humidity sensorbigtick[1] Indoor and outdoor 0-100%, +-3%
Barometerbigtick[1] Outdoor
CO2bigtick[1] Indoor
Motion sensor516983[1]
Light sensor516983[1]
Sound sensorbigtick[1]
Accelerometer sensor516983[1]
Android Appbigtick[1] 4.0+
iOS Appbigtick[1] iPhone 4+
Windows Appbigtick[1] 8.0+
Web Appbigtick[1]
Power SourceUSB for indoor module
Batteries for outdoor module
Power ConsumptionOutdoor < 1 W/h
Batterybigtick[1] 2 AAA batteries for outdoor module (1 year duration)
Wall mountable516983[1]
Wi-Fibigtick[1] 802.11 b/g/n
Evaluationbookmark[1]bookmark[1]bookmark[1]bookmark[1] 4 / 5
Normal Price$179
Priceget from $159.99
at Amazon

Additional indoor modules
get from $77.44

Outdoor rain gauge
get from $72

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